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The Story of Indigenous Australian Art

Posted by Rachael Angus on

Aboriginal Australian art goes back 80,000 years ago. Ochres were first used to paint rock art and remains date back more than 20,000 years.

There is no written language for Aboriginal people, they passed down their history to future generations through art, stories, songs and oral communications.

Indigenous art is centred on storytelling and used to convey beliefs, events knowledge of the land and where to find food. 

The style differs depending from which region the artist is from. Dot paintings are typical to artists in central and western desert. Cross hatching (Rarrk) and X-ray paintings are familiar to Northern Territory especially Arnhem Land. Wandijna spirit beings are common to the Indigenous People of the Kimberly region.

Supporting Indigenous artists nurtures their strong Aboriginal culture and creates long term vibrant, healthy and sustainable opportunities in community development.

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